Before we start our work for a client, we study his area of activities and the specifics of the company’s operation, identify its tactical and strategic objectives, targets and principles of operation, and choose the methods and tools that are best suited to achieve these objectives, taking into account the strengths and weaknesses of the company.

WE create

  • Commercial

 A brief and elegant video advertisement for social media intended to promote a company’s image among prospective customers and partners.

  • Corporate

A video that introduces your company to the audience. It describes the specifics and competitive strengths of the company.

  • Documentary 

A documentary tells a story about a man or a company in a style peculiar to the genre. Such videos focus on factuality and deliberate presentation. An insider view of the topic is presented.

  • Journalistic

A video report on a socially important event that includes interviews with the primary participants.

  • Event  

A footage of an event such as business conferences, corporate parties, business meetings, proms, reunions, etc,  best moments, contributions of the participants.

  • Аerial

A video about your company made using a drone camera.

  • PR video

A story about your business as told by the CEO, including footage about the company’s internal processes.

  • Video instructions 

Video instructions of your product for social media